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Regional Meeting Planning

Impactful experiences. Respect for your budget.

Regional meetings matter. They’re full of important moments for your members (and your organization.)

Members depend on their regional or local chapter for tips, trends and connections. And, they help keep members connected between national meetings! When you’re passionate about a topic, once a year is definitely not enough, right?

Still, regional meeting planning begs a lot of questions, like:

  • How do you keep regional meetings fresh enough so people come back?
  • How do you meet the needs of young attendees (but not alienate your older members)?
  • How do you not look like you skimped on food and décor when costs keep rising?

Stretch Budgets & Free Up Time

In case you haven’t noticed, meeting space is at a premium and costs are rising. Thankfully, we can use our buying power and negotiated deals to save you money. The best part? Freeing up your time and budget for other things (like gluten-free crust).

A Better Technology Experience

Guests aren’t exactly quiet if it’s too hard to register or the app is confusing. And you’ll definitely hear about it if it’s hard for vendors and exhibitors to capture leads. Together, these things can mean fewer attendees AND sponsors: a double whammy to avoid at all costs. We’ll help you ensure your technology gives the modern experience your stakeholders expect.

The Trusted Leader

Each year, we work with hundreds of associations and nonprofits planning over a thousand annual, regional, and local meetings. These clients span more than 30 industries and special interest sectors, including health/medical, education, social, religious, social/fraternal and more.

What to Look for in a Regional Meeting Planning Partner

Let’s face it: No one signs up for a regional meeting because of flawless logistics. (Though let’s be clear: they still expect things to go off without a hitch.)

Yes, the shuttles must run on time, and you have to rethink your menu when everyone goes on keto diets. But that’s not why people come.

Your regional meetings have to matter to them, personally and professionally. That’s why we begin our regional meeting planning with experience design, making sure every aspect hits the ‘why’ for each attendee.

Our Approach to Partnering with You

Our partnering philosophy is simple:

  • Meet customers where they are.
  • Be flexible and don’t force them to fit to our way.
  • Let them keep what’s working well while stepping in where they need it.

You may simply want to use our buying power and relationships with venues to get the best deal and free up your time to focus on the agenda. Or you may have a small staff and you need someone to step in to back you up. Or you may worry attendance is flat and you need help getting people to come (and keep coming back).

Either way — we’re here for you.

Need Help with Regional Meeting Planning?

Let’s talk about about how we can help you deliver the right experience that keeps people coming back — while respecting your budget.

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