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Association Conferences Planning and Management

Every event your association holds matters — to your members and your organization. We’ll help you make the most of every single moment.

Association Conferences Planning and Management: Finding the Right Partner

Every organization’s events are important. But associations have more pressure than other organizations.

Your events are often your biggest revenue source. And, they’re a big opportunity to remind members why they need to renew — and plan to attend again next year. One bad event (or even just a stale vibe) can lead to declining attendance, sponsor churn and low engagement.

And, there are always new technologies to consider, a new generation of attendees to impress (without frustrating older ones!), and a delicate balancing act between education, networking and fun. You have to raise the bar every single year — but not your budget! Oh, and do it while expenses rise. (No big deal, right?)

So, what should you look for in an association conferences planning and management partner? Someone who knows what you’re trying to achieve — and who has the experience to help you succeed.

At Maritz Global Events, we:

Design Experiences

We help you design an event to wow guests of different ages, backgrounds and needs. (And remind them why they should come back each year!)

Bring You Data-Driven Insights

We work with hundreds of associations and nonprofits every year. That means we know what works for other associations — and can help you do it too!

Help You Impress Sponsors

If your exhibitors don’t see results, they won’t be back. That’s why we offer the latest technology and ideas to help them succeed at your event.

Have the Right Experience

Each year, we support more than 650 associations and nonprofits with meeting planning across more than 30 industries and special interest sectors.

Your Event is a Great Experience (The Planning Process Should be Too!)

We want to make planning your association’s events easy and fun. Our approach is simple:

  • Be flexible and don’t force you to fit into our way
  • Keep what’s working well, while stepping in where you need it
  • Consult and offer guidance to ensure success

You may simply want to use our buying power and relationships with venues to get the best deal. Or you may need someone to step in as a true extension of your team and take things off your to-do list. Or, maybe warnings signs (like flat attendance) mean you need someone to help you re-envision your event.

Either way — we’re here for you.

Need Help with Association Conference Planning?

Let’s talk about how we can help you deliver the right experience that keeps people coming back — while respecting your budget.

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