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Measuring Event Success

You know your events make a difference. But it hasn’t been easy to prove it, or to turn that data into intel you can use. Today, technology makes measuring event success and putting that data to work even easier.

The process of setting goals, gathering data and reporting impact is a big charge — and you’ve got an event to plan! It’s time to simplify things.

Our goal? Giving you powerful information to prove the importance and impact of your event. Plus, we help you find ways to improve every step of the way.

Improving Event Analytics

Measuring an event’s success needs to be easier (way easier). That’s why we help you from start to finish. We start by setting clear goals, picking the right metrics and designing a plan to achieve those goals.

While those steps may sound simple, it’s our thinking, planning and measurement tools that set us apart. After all, we’re drawing upon decades of experience! We know what works and what doesn’t, and we apply those learnings and insights to your event.

The exciting stuff happens when we combine our knowledge of your business with data analysis to quickly deliver actionable insights. In the end, it’s all about giving your guests a better experience, and data can help you improve your event (even while you’re planning it!). Let the data tell you which sessions are performing well and how to improve engagement on the show floor. The possibilities are endless.

No More Guesswork

Some event goals are broad or unclear. We can help you eliminate the subjectivity and avoid last–minute scrambling to prove your event’s results.

Actionable Insights

Once goals are set, you need tools to collect the right data. But data only gets you so far. What you need are insights. What’s working? What’s not? We’re here to help you react to that data as effectively as possible.

Easy, Impressive Reports

Is it hard to find all your event analytics? Can you see results before the event’s over? We safely store your data in one place. And you can see it whenever you want, no matter the day or hour. Don’t worry — we still send regular reports and intel.

Program Analysis | Business Review

Is everyone asking you for more data? Are you looking for better event analytics and insights to inform your plan for the next event?

If you enjoy digging into your event data (or even if you’ve been a little hesitant in the past), you’ll love our approach to program analysis. Together, we’ll go far beyond the basics with a better understanding of the “how’s” and “why’s” of what happened. Then, we can use the intel to fuel conversations about strategy, decisions and improvements for the next event.

Benchmarking Analysis | Budget Comparisons

Are you getting the most out of your event budget? Are you forced to make trade–offs because your hotel or airfare costs keep going up?

Everyone wants to make smarter decisions about their budget. Start by seeing how your expenses stack up to similar events. We’ve been around a long time and can see the budget trends across more than 10,000 events! Let us put that intel to work for you.

Behavioral Analysis

What do your attendees love most about your meeting? Which content tracks are your executives drawn to? What does the floor look like on the last day, and is the dropout normal?

We work with you to leverage the registrationhousing and event data you already have, so you can better understand what people do at your show — and what it means for your meeting’s success. Use this data to make smarter decisions and let us define and measure success.


Not sure how your event should approach big data? Collecting tons of information and don’t know what to do with it? Let us help.

Our business intel team has experience across all event types. They can help set up your meeting for success. Whether it’s wanting to measure activity, improve marketing results or integrate your event into an enterprise data strategy, our team can assist.

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