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Boost Trade Show Results

Your time on the trade show floor is valuable. Let’s make the most of it.

Get into the Details

You’re made a significant investment participating in a trade show. And you’re constantly assessing if each show is worth it (hey, your time comes at a premium!).

Maritz has the tools and experience to help you:

  • Increase booth traffic
  • Collect and qualify sales leads
  • Quickly convert leads into sales
  • Maximize your ROI

And, for each show, we can provide the reporting and insights that data lovers dream about. You’ll be able to prove results and make a game plan for an even bigger impact next year.

Products & Services for Trade Show Exhibitors*

Attendee Lists

We give you access to the registration database to help with pre-event and post-event outreach to attendees. For events that support data sales, you can use your own branding and messaging to email attendees through the exhibitor portal.

Lead Retrieval

Our trade show lead capture platform provides an easy, cost-effective way to build your sales database. A quick QR code scan of an attendee’s badge adds their contact information to your device. It also uploads it to your custom portal where you can view, sort and download information.

Learn more about our specific lead retrieval products.

First Person Experience

Increase your exhibitor ROI and extend the value of your live event through an immersive 3D experience. This new technology solution increases audience reach and creates incremental revenue through a digital replica of a trade show, product launch or other event experience.

Learn more about First Person Experience


Get deep analytics and behavioral data about attendees. Our technology allows you to dive into aisle and booth traffic, as well as demographics, so you can take action.

Experience Tracker

Stay on the radar of potential buyers after the event wraps up. Everyone whose lead data was collected by at least one exhibitor will get an email from us after the show, connecting them to a secure, personal portal that lists all of the exhibitor booths they visited.

Why Trade Show Lead Capture Matters

There are so many expenses related to participating in a trade show. Why spend more on lead retrieval? Here are some key benefits to consider:

  • Eliminate all the manual time it takes to build an accurate contact database
  • Qualify leads more efficiently and effectively
  • Snag contact information for attendees who don’t carry around their business cards
  • Transfer notes about prospects at the trade show into their records
  • Enhance your brand image by showcasing innovative technology instead of manual processes

Start with a Defined Strategy

Start with a Defined Strategy

Are you focused on quality or quantity of leads? How do you define a quality lead? Do you have the right equipment to ensure booth staff are productive?

Determine the Right People

Determine the Right People

Whoever can best advance your lead goals should staff the booth. Ensure booth staff are aligned with sales staff on how to qualify leads.

Qualify Leads

Qualify Leads

Identify people and companies to target in advance, so that all booth staff knows who gets VIP treatment. Create a customized survey to ask attendees to gather intelligence.

Take Immediate Action

Take Immediate Action

Don’t go back to the office without setting a plan and timeframe for reaching back out to every single lead. Leverage technology that enables you to send marketing materials while prospects are still on the show floor.

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