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Maritz Global Events — Fighting to Stop Human Trafficking

Together, we can stop human trafficking.

Living up to our “Unleashing Human Potential” philosophy is a commitment to the global community that we will do our best to help each individual live life to their fullest potential. Maritz Global Events is dedicated to many causes that help our communities – most notably our involvement in the fight to stop human trafficking.

Globally, the travel industry is unknowingly (via airlines and hotels) a key conduit for human trafficking, which has been dubbed "modern day slavery" and is defined by the U.S. State Department as the recruitment, transportation, or harboring of people by means of deception or coercion. Victims, often mentally and physically abused, can be forced into prostitution, unfair working conditions or other exploitive situations. According to the International Labour Organization, human trafficking is a $150 billion criminal industry with nearly 21 million victims worldwide.

As an industry leader, Maritz Global Events sees the fight to stop human trafficking as part of our obligation as a global citizen. Regardless of where we live, travel or hold events, these human rights violations are happening around us.

In 2014, Maritz Global Events became the first meetings and events company to sign ECPAT-USA's Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (The Code). This formalized our commitment to stop human trafficking and raise awareness of the role our industry can play in ending these human rights violations.

Since then, we’ve worked hard to create awareness among our employees, our partners and the industry as a whole on how we can work together to identify solutions to human trafficking. We believe, with awareness and education, we can activate our network of industry professionals traveling around the world each day to be the eyes and ears needed in hotels, airports and other locations to help victims.

In 2015, Maritz Global Events was the only company to sponsor employees on ECPAT-USA’s Advocacy Journey to Thailand. They helped advance legislative reform, trained on ways travel and events professionals can help prevent human trafficking, and promoted children's and women's rights. Since this trip, our employees shared their first-hand stories about their experiences during employee trainings and interviews with the media.

Join us in the fight against human trafficking.

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We invite you to join the fight by learning more about these human rights violations, the warning signs to look for during your travels, and how you can get involved with ECPAT and contribute solutions to human trafficking.

If you suspect human trafficking, we implore you to take immediate action by:

• Calling the hotline: 1-888-373-7888 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• Reporting a tip online: National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC)