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Better On–Site Event Support

You can’t clone yourself. And even if you could, sci–fi movies are pretty clear on the consequences. Instead, turn to on–site staff or travel directors who see (and fix!) issues before they go from a “minor inconvenience” to “the one thing everyone remembers.”

What Can an Event Support Partner Do for You?

Your event plan might be perfect. But it only takes one little thing to go wrong on–site before your guests start leaving bad survey feedback and complaining online.

The list of worries is endless. What if the shuttles don’t come on time? What if the Wi–Fi goes down? What if it rains and we have to move indoors? (Seriously, shouldn’t some innovative “disruptor” have figured out how to conquer the weather by now?)

It’s time to delegate these worries to an on–site event support team that has handled everything you can imagine (that’s us!).

Registration & Hospitality

Guests have questions, and our on–site support team has answers. Let your registration desk be the central hub for all information.

Meetings & Activities

Guests should focus on the speaker and their content, not on technical problems. Our on–site support teams keep your event running smoothly.

Expert in the Details

Our on–site experts act as an extension of your team and are there with you every step of the way — advocating on your behalf so you can focus on your guests.

How Can Our On–Site Staff Support Your Next Event?

Our on–site specialists make event support simple. A lead staff member or travel director will manage your event team, with professionals in charge of every detail, no matter how small.

Your event is always backed by our 24/7 emergency operations center, ensuring the support you need in the case of an emergency.

And if your event includes exhibitors, our on–site team can also help them with tech support, whether they’re trying to retrieve lead data or use our eventBit solution.

Need Help with On–Site Event Support?

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