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Event KPIs and Your Goals

Set them. Hit them. Repeat.

Every event has a purpose. That’s why when we build an event strategy, we start by asking “why.”

Why should you invest in this event? Why is it important? Why do you do it? Why is this event worth the time and resources?

We’ve been asking those questions for years now. After reviewing hundreds of our clients’ answers, we’ve seen some themes.

The big takeaway? People do events when they have big goals.

So, what makes us stand out above the rest?

Revenue Growth

Events that help you make money.

Brand Engagement

Events that build an obsession-worthy brand.

Loyalty & Retention

Events that build lifetime relationships with customers and employees.

Professional Development

Events where attendees build skills (and have fun doing it!)

Not clear on your goal? That’s okay. Some of our clients come in with clear event KPIs (that’s short for “key performance indicators”). Others want help finding the “why” for their event.

Either way, once the goal is clear, we’ll help you craft a plan to hit it.

What Does Event ROI Mean to You?

There’s more than one way to measure event success. Sometimes your event ROI, or return on investment, is a clear financial equation (fire up the spreadsheet!).

Other times, you might lean on a series of metrics that show momentum toward your specific goal. (Note: We sometimes call this “return on engagement” or ROE, which should totally be a thing.)

Clarifying your goal is the first step (and one that is often skipped over). It should drive every other decision and dictate the event KPIs.

Then, once you have identified the right goal, you just need the right approach to achieve it.

Dive Deeper into Event KPIs

Dive Deeper into Event KPIs

Want inspiration to bring your event objective to life? Our Event Impact Report includes some of our best thinking for each goal. Download it today for insights and ideas for your event!

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Need Help Achieving Event ROI?

Need Help Achieving Event ROI?

Achieving big goals isn’t always easy (and where would the fun be in that?). Sometimes you need a partner to help you build the right game plan. That’s where the Design Studio, our event design agency, comes in. Learn more about their event strategy services here.

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