Experience Design Studio

A Solution That Takes Us From Just Exploring Better Experiences, to Activating Those Experiences in the Real World

You’ve done a Design Lab, so what’s next in the experience design journey? Implementation.

Following our Experience Design Lab, there are so many great ideas that can’t be carried out by many organizations due to a lack of internal resources. So we created the Design Studio.

The Design Studio allows us to carry the implementation forward on behalf of our clients while keeping the event strategy intact and ensuring the delivery of richer, fuller and greater guest experiences. Our Experience Design experts serve as an extension of your existing team and will help you deliver a total event experience—from event assessment and diagnostic to celebrity experiences and everything in between. 

The Design Studio is a solution that allows us to serve any organization looking to improve the guest/event experience. The idea is to create a total event experience—from beginning to end. 

A Design Studio allows us to provide some of the following enhanced services:

  • Event Strategic Assessment and Diagnostic
  • Guest Insight Research
  • Incentive Program Design & Delivery
  • Event Communications Strategy
  • Association Strategy and Branding
  • Guest Engagement Strategy 
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Wellness and Social Responsibility
  • Custom Talent and Celebrity Experiences

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Experiences are inherently personal

The challenge we face as experience designers is discovering individual preferences. Once we discover those insights through purposeful “mining,” we become stewards of the insight and have a responsibility to use them to inform the design and enrich the experience.

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