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We've worked to perfect our experience design thinking. The result? A people-centered, science-based methodology that really resonates with our clients, our industry and across borders. Through our Experience Design Lab, we will help you create a strategic framework for your event to help you identify an organizing principle, business objectives, key impressions and shared values—all with your guests in mind.

During this unique proven process, you and your guests are front and center. The result is your event re-imagined with your guests in mind, along with outlined business goals and objectives achieved.

How is an Experience Design Lab Performed?

First, we will discuss goals and objectives of your Lab. Then, we will follow the journey through:

  • A strategic assessment of your event
  • A customized plan that maps out your Lab route
  • Two half-day sessions where we work with you on:

    • Understanding Your Event

    • Understanding Your Guests

    • Developing a Strategic Framework

    • Envisioning the Future

    • Prioritizing for Success  

Together with your team, we will interpret the outcomes of the lab and develop a roadmap for your future event success.

Need More Resources?

Operating with a lean team? No problem, we can help you implement the ideas that emerge from your Design Lab with our Design Studio.

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Ready to start your journey to a better event?

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