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Creating Successful Events through People-Centered, Science-Based Design

Effective meetings start with great event design. But with such diversity among event guests, how can you create an event that resonates with each of them?

Your event needs to be memorable, remarkable and flawlessly executed. It must have a measurable impact on business goals, while also staying on budget. And, every year, the pressure to be bigger and better than the previous year grows.

Doing an event the same way every year no longer works. That’s why Maritz Global Events designed a new method that has changed the way the industry approaches event design.  

The Experience Design Methodology

In collaboration with the former Maritz Institute and Jim Gilmore, renowned author of The Experience Economy, Maritz Global Events developed a people-centered, science-based approach to event design that we call “Experience Design.”

Experience Design starts by putting ourselves in the shoes of our guests. We leverage the latest in neuroscience and human behavior research to truly understand our guests’ motivations. Then, we design effective meetings and events that create a common vision among event stakeholders, ultimately supporting the organization’s goals and exceeding your team’s expectations.

Good event design is customized to your organization. Our methodology centers on a strategic event framework that ensures your brand and business objectives stay top-of-mind.

  • First, we start with an interactive Experience Design Lab where a seasoned facilitator helps you develop an organizing principle that captures the essence of your event. The organizing principle isn’t a phrase, slogan or theme of the event – it’s a fundamental idea that comes through in every aspect of your event.
  • Next, we map out your guests’ event journey through the “Eight Phases of the Guest Experience.” We carry your organizing principle from the announcement of your event to your guests’ experiences at your event venue, travel and activities, as well as communications with your guests long after the event is over.
  • Finally, we align the custom components and event design with your business objectives to create success metrics that produce measurable results and prove your event’s success.
If you are operating with a lean team or just need some help in a few areas, we’ve got you covered. Our Experience Design team will act as an extension of your existing team and will help you implement the ideas that emerge from your Experience Design Lab with our Design Studio.

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The Maritz Global Events Experience Design Team serves as your partner in creating effective meetings and successful events. We work with you to gain in-depth understanding of your guests and their needs. Our team of experts, led by Greg Bogue, tap our proprietary industry research and decades of experience to design effective meetings and events that help you achieve your goals.

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